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The Comedy Act Planet, born from, The Comedy Act Theatre now joins comedians across the globe through the influence and connection of one man... Michael E. Williams, rightly dubbed “The God Father of Comedy” has now expanded his vision to encompass the world.

Toni Slaughter

The word "laughter" is already in my last name.

Toni “Dirti Red” Slaughter is a Dayton, OH native. She began her comedy career by performing in a comedy skit as a contestant in the Miss Black America pageant, representing the state of Ohio. The pageant was nationally televised and it was here she gained interest of a host of Hampton Universities comedic alumni. She realized she had a keen ability for telling stories. With her laid-back comedic presence, she gains the attention of her audience by telling clever humorous stories of her upbringing and relationships.

Toni went on to be a regular at the Comedy Act Theater in Atlanta and working as an MC at Joker Comedy Café in Dayton, OH.  As her body of work began to gain momentum, Toni began traveling the country opening for various headlining comediennes such as Monique, T.K. Kirkland, Laura Hayes, D.L. Hughley, Bruce Bruce, and Don D.C. Curry. She went on tour with Def Comedy Jam in 1994-1995. She later went on a nationwide tour in 1997 with Tyler Craig and Shawty in the stage play “No Way to Treat a Black Woman” portraying the character Juanita.

It was at the height of her career she decided to move to Los Angeles. During her time in LA, she worked with comediennes such as Lavelle Crawford, Gary Owens, and Guy Torrey. She made it her mission to showcase her talents at the world-famous Comedy Store. She later made the decision to return to Dayton with her experiences and talents in tow. She then opened her own comedy room to invite various comediennes from around the country to perform and showcase their talents.
For the last few years, Toni has been reviving her career by making local appearances at the Q’s, Who Got Next, and Nanette Lee’s Phat Tuesday. She is regular in Los Angeles at Hope Flood’s Comics Rock Convention.

If you don’t remember nothing else about Toni “Dirti Red” Please remember this! I want to make my come back like Dave Chappelle…fight for my dreams like LeBron James…and keep my swag like Steve Harvey…The Ohio Swag!!!

Toni Slaughter
Toni Slaughter
Toni Slaughter & Mss Laura
Toni Slaughter & Sinbad

Poncho G

Poncho G

From the southeast side of the greatest city in the world “Chicago”, Poncho G brings his hysterical act to major cities across the world. Poncho G has opened up for numerous All-star comedians including AJ Johnson, Rodney Perry, Chris Spencer, Alex Thompson, and has shared the stage with Kenan Thompson for an SNL guest spot competition.

With just over 3 years of stand-up comedy under his, belt Poncho has premiered in his own residency at the famous Las Vegas Rio Hotel & Casino and the well-known venue Ninja Karaoke located in the downtown area of Vegas.

Poncho G continues to step on the scene leaving each place he touches down in laughter.

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