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Website Policy


The information you give to The Comedy Act Planet stays with The Comedy Act Planet. Information such as mailing and e-mail addresses are kept confidential, not sold nor given to third parties.


No Advertising Pop-Ups and No Hidden Pop-Unders on this site. This website does not use them. However,  this may occur when using different websites such as our resources links, The Comedy Act Planet is not responsible for other websites' privacy policies.


Report Phishing:

The Comedy Act Planet is passionately anti-spam. We do not automatically collect e-mail addresses and our private lists are not available to anyone else. We do not purchase nor use addresses from third parties.

If you have received spam from The Comedy Act Planet or The Comedy Act Planet Web e-mail addresses, it wasn't from us. You got it from someone phishing (fraudulently using, stealing) pretending to be from the Comedy Act 

To report phishing, go to Report Phishing Sites | CISA - US-Cert › report-phishing

Authorization Required for Use:

Please request "officially approved" marketing and advertising materials.  The use of the logo, images, and names of  Michael  E. Williams, the Comedy Act Theatre, and The  Comedy Act Planet in unauthorized marketing and advertising violates the copyright. Comedy Act Planet, Comedy Act Theatre, and Michael E. Williams Productions videos may not be downloaded for personal use or shared on social media. Requests for use must be submitted to


Support Mental Health:

The Comedy Act Planet proudly supports organizations providing mental health support to our communities. Upcoming events, links to professionals, and outlets working with this group will be made available.  Disclaimer: We rely on your feedback to any outside companies, organizations, or charities. If you have any issues please let us know.


Bad Link:


To Report a BAD LINK or wrong info on this site,  click → Report a Bad Link  Let us know which links are bad or what is wrong so that it can be fixed or removed. Please report this information to

Associate/Affiliate Disclosure:


"We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites." 

As we developed additional revenue-sharing relationships they will be identified as such on or near the link.

If you are a national or international business and would like to enter a link-sharing relationship with the Comedy Act Planet please contact us for requirements and agreements.



Membership of the Comedy Act Planet has benefits. Use your membership to receive discounts at our Comedy Act Planet Associate and /or Affiliate retail online stores. Your membership is maintained by the Comedy Act Planet.


The Comedy Act Planet, Michael E Williams, and Comedy Act Theatre authorized press materials are available in our EPK. Contact us for the code to download these materials.

Comedian EPK Submissions: In order to place your materials on the Comedy Act Planet we need photos in .jpg, or png format at no less than 300dpi, Bio, and current press release (if you have them) they may be submitted through this site, contact us for the code for upload.


Acceptable Video and Audio Formats:


Unfortunately, we can not accept YouTube <embed > code links for video submissions.  The Comedy Act Planet requires the original video recording that was uploaded to YouTube for use across our platforms. Please see note on FTP and Press Submissions.


If you have been invited as a featured performer, we require your video in one of the following formats:


- Video files: AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MOV, M4V, DV, ASF, Divx, QT, 3G2, 3GP, 3iVX, 3VX, DVX, ASX

- Audio files:  wav, mp3, mp4 - if you are unable to upload your submission due to its size please contact us for the FTP service to use.

Changes to our Policy:


We reserve the right to make additions to, or updated information related to the Comedy Act Planet or Michael E. Williams Productions. Any changes or additions will be added to this section of the website. Please check for any changes to our procedure prior to submission.

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